How to Buy Cell Phone Monitoring Software and Avoid Scams

People who need monitoring software should think about 3 main points. First of all, the software should have multiple features to achieve the complete monitoring. Secondly, the program must be compatible with the target cell phone. And thirdly, the program should be provided by a trusted company.
I have already mentioned the issue of safety in my guide about mobile phone monitoring applications.
Everyone who buys the monitoring software should be very careful not to get ripped off, because this undertaking is very risky. Some programs that you can find are not effective or even useless. Besides, there are many not reputable providers who can involve buyers into a scam.
Don’t get disappointed, as the majority of companies create quality monitoring programs. I’m going to share some tips with you and I believe that it can help to choose the best application for monitoring.

How to Estimate the Software Company

imagesWhen people are looking for a quality software application they consider many factors. There are different websites, offering monitoring programs, but not all of them are good.
However, I’ll give you some tips to avoid unreliable websites, selling spy programs. Well, the main demand is that he website should look like a real company. For example, they can publish physical address, fax, phone number and other contact information. Some companies may have online customer support.
Tip – check the company and call them or send an email. If you get the response, it’s a good sign.
Try to visit their pages in social networks, if they have them. Usually, reputable companies have pages in Twitter and Facebook.
What is the content of that site? Are there “About us” or “FAQ” pages? In most cases the scam websites don’t have good content only “Buy Now” buttons.
Compare three or more similar websites that are offering the monitoring applications. Some of the programs are compared here.
Surely, a good looking website is not the primary thing to focus on. You have to make your own research to avoid scams.

appmia review 3

Company’s Reputation

Type the company name in search engine, for example in Google and see the results. You can find complaints or scams, having relation to the company.
Also you can make more advanced search and type this word combination “Product name + review”. If there were any scams the search engine will show it. If you received any bad results, go on and read those pages. When there is no any information in the Internet about the company, this is really suspicious.

Term Contracts and Price

Top providers of the monitoring software compete with one another, so they have the same pricing system. Thus, the premium package will cost more than a package with basic features. Also, the price range varies upon the term contracts (3,6 or 12 months).
When you see an offer to get the monitoring software for free or with a huge price reduction, know that it can be a scam. Why do they sell it so cheap? Be suspicious and think twice!
Be also attentive when you see something like this: “Free Lifetime Upgrades” and “One Time Payment”. Remember that it is very unlikely that a reputable provider will make such statements. Good companies are always in a process of adding new features and making their service better. The only exception is PhoneSheriff Investigator by MobileSpy. They propose a lifetime license, but it differs from usual phone monitoring software.

Read Reviews

Not all reviews in the Internet are the same. It is definitely that you will detect a variety of posted reviews, although many reviews can be fake. The opinion of people can be different as well.
Don’t consider only the review itself; evaluate the website where it was posted.

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User Reviews Manipulation

buying-cell-phone-spy-software31Some reviews are generated for attracting buyers. Have you ever seen short, one sentence reviews which are positive? This is quite obvious that such reviews are generated to manipulate the buyer’s decision.
If you see many positive reviews with no details at all, note that it can be written not by a real user. There are special programs that generate such reviews.
Usually, people who spend personal time on writing long reviews online, are those people who didn’t like the product and stayed unsatisfied. Think twice if you meet a lot of good reviews or comments.
Unreliable companies create positive generated reviews and mislead the buyers, selling not quality product as something really popular.

Trusted Reviews Websites

I want to say that there may be websites with real and fake reviews. You should not believe to every written review in the Internet. Short reviews like this “this is great to buy now” don’t look convincing. Does the review include any details? Do you believe that the person who wrote the review used the program?
These are some main points to think about when browsing websites with reviews:

  • Have you noticed that the site contains different reviews about multiple products?
  • Does the site include any real info – not just from the company’s site?
  • Have you found the detailed explanation about using the monitoring program?
  • Does the site looks like popular? Are there any new reviews, updated information?
  • Check “About us” and “Contact us” pages. You should know who writes the reviews.
  • Be attentive with Facebook and Twitter pages. If the site has too many followers and likes, it looks as they have purchased those likes/followers.
  • Are there many pictures or advertisement of spy software websites? Can you see a lot of links, pointing to spy software website?

All in all, you make the final decision what product to choose and what company to trust. The site with reviews can help you with this decision or misinform you, due to a plenty of generated reviews. If after reading the reviews, you still believe and don’t have any suspicious feelings, go ahead and buy the program.
At this site I can suggest you to study my comparison guide, main reviews and other spy software reviews.
Research deeply!
Good Luck!