Is My Phone Compatible with the Spy Software?

Many people become confused when it comes about compatibility. Users want to know if the chosen program can work on their phones. Well, I’m here to help you and explain.
I have a main article where I highlight all aspects of phone monitoring software, so find time to read it.
Nearly every program application can operate considering certain requirements. If this is spy software for iPhone, the device must be jailbroken. You can avoid it only in case you are going to use PhoneSheriff Investigator, because it is a computer program. It functions without Jailbreaking, but you get very limited results of monitoring.
Here is a post about Jailbreaking.
If you use a standard package, you can skip the procedure of Android rooting. Perhaps you won’t avoid the Android rooting, if you choose the premium package, that include monitoring of Viber, Skype or WhatsApp.

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Only Smartphones

Confused-with-2-phones-600x330Spy software can operate when there is an internet connection and a web browser on the target phone. The aim is to go in the internet through the web browser. Wi-Fi is also good.
The better internet connection the more quality monitoring you can get. Today there are many Smartphones that also have the internet access.
Mobile phone and the program must be compatiable. The program can function with different providers and in multiple countries. To check the compatiability you have to know model of the cell phone and its operating system. I’ll repeat again that spy software needs the internet connection.
Note – Today many manufacturers of monitoring software develop it for iPads and Tablets. Compatibility is the same as for monitoring mobile phones. Internet connection is important. iPads must be Jailbroken.

Compatibility of Mobile Phones

All monitoring programs are different. They are intended for various devices, OS and even system versions. Thus, StealthGenie is developed for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. MobileSpy supports Symbian and Windows in addition to this. mSpy program operates on Symbian/Nokia, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
For using the program people should download it according to instructions on the target phone.
Usually the program provider offers different download for every type of phone. For example, there can be available downloads for Symbian, iPhone, Windows, Android and so on.
Then it is offered to choose among OS versions, for example – Apple IOS5 or Android 4.1.0
Before you buy the monitoring program check the compatibility, so that the phone type and OS should match the program. Let’s imagine that you need to monitor Samsung Galaxy on android 2.3.6, go to official site and make sure that they cover such version.
Make a quick research and get to know the compatibility of the program with your device.

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Where You Can Find OS Version

shutterstock_183570794-825x510For BlackBerry – open “options” – “about” and find the version type. It will be depicted as v4.6.0.
For Apple – find “settings” – “general” – “about phone”. You will read the version number, after scrolling down.
For Android – find “settings” – “about phone” and go below to read the Android version.
I also have one more article explaining how to find the OS version.
You can continue choosing the program when you know the OS version.
It is not a problem if you don’t know the model of the phone, you need just the OS version number.
As a rule, the program providers want to simplify the process of choosing the product and they list the compatible phones on their sites (sometimes even with pictures.) Surely, it is very convenient for people, they can quickly check their phone compatibility. Don’t get frustrated if you do not see your phone in that list, everything you need to know is supported OS.
There are lots of mobile phone models and makes, used by people through the whole world, therefore software companies simply can not list all those phones. They post information about the most popular phones. If you still hesitate about the phone compatibility address your issue to the company’s support team – they will be glad to help! This way you’ll check how they work.
In fact, top spy software applications support all popular phones.

iPads and Tablets Compatibility

Companies developing the spy software want to attract many clients so they broaden the supported devices. Thus Mobile spy, Mobile spy and mSpy offer packages for monitoring All Android tablets and iPads. Two main points to check are the internet connection and device compatibility. For iPad you will have to make jailbreaking.

New OS Versions

You may have a question about the new OS versions. What to do when a new Operation System version is released? Software manufacturers follow all new changes that happen on this market. Usually it takes some time for them to add changes to the soft and support new version. You will be able to upgrade it. But I suggest not to do it in haste and wait a couple of weeks.
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