Spy Software Guide: Review About StealthGenie

Read the September Update (2016) – important information to Know!

According to the latest information, the StealthGenie website is closed, because of the initiated legal case. They don’t sell the program anymore. I’ll try to post here any updates about the StealthGenie.
It seems that now users are limited with the choice. The main options that you can consider apart from the StealthGenie are mSpy and FlexiSpy.
Would you like to get the full overview about the StealthGenie software from a person who really tested it? Fortunately, I can provide you with an honest review about this product.
I have created some reviews about the popular spy software products. Stay connected with this site to receive useful and updated information.

Not Standard Review

2014-10-01-stealthgenieandroidspysoftwareI prefer to write not typical reviews, like those scattered over the Internet. My reviews are based on checked information and cover many details. I know how to avoid possible scams and choose the functional software according to somebody’s needs. So you can find everything this in my articles.
If you hear about Stealthgenie at first, I advise to visit their site and just look through the main description of the product. Thus you will the basic understanding. Then return to this website.
This is link to StealthGenie website.

My Experience with Stealth Genie

I used this software to control my children. Once I was ripped off with not quality monitoring software, so I tried to me more attentive. Stealthgenie was not ideal, but it performed its functions and that process involved me. I don’t monitor the phones of my children anymore, but I have downloaded the Stealthgenie on my phone. You can ask why? I test how the soft functions. It helps me to create a good review.

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What Good I Can Say About StealthGenie

If you have doubts regarding this software I can assure that Stealthgenie functions well. This is worth of money spent. First of all, it is reliable. Secondly, it has many good features that really work.

About StealthGenie Company

SG-LOGO-png-1Personally for me it is important to trust the company that developed the software. The point is that you usually pay for the term contract and it means that the company will be responsible for the product upgrade during that period.
If it comes about Stealthgenie, I trust this company because I’m sure that are able to follow the technology change. They have gained a good reputation and serve many customers.
Basically, they have various advanced features and they are the first on the market to offer new features. As far as I know other companies monitor their new releases.
Their price range is middle. You won’t find the cheapest product on their site, but lots of their competitors sell software products at more expensive price.

About Compatibility

I used to upgrade my posts when new features are added to the monitoring applications. Now I found out that StealthGenie can monitor Android tablets and iPad. In general, Stealth Geni supports well-known phones, like:

  • Apple iPhone – up to 7.1.2 version
  • BlackBerry – up to 7.2 version
  • Android Phones – up to 4.4 version

When phone makers launch a new version, the monitoring software companies compete with each other to become the first one to support it.

Primary Monitoring Features

Every spy software manufacturer offers basic functions. You won’t find great difference in the basic packages of various companies. Usually, the basic package includes: data logs, texts and email monitoring, access to files and web browsing history.
Frankly speaking this minimal set of features is enough for successful monitoring. For more thorough monitoring StealthGenie offers additional functions:
Call Recording. Currently, Stealth Genie is the only manufacturer that offers this feature. People must have a stable call connection. Also, you can listen the records even on the computer.
Gmail Monitoring. Many spy programs are not able to show information in the Gmail account. StealthGenie performs this successfully.
WhatsApp Monitoring. WhatsApp and all famous message platforms can be monitored due to StealthGenie. However, iPhone Jailbreaking and Android Rooting will be required.
Trigger Words Feature. This is great function to try. You set up some trigger words or maybe phone numbers and then the program notifies you when they are used on the target phone. It is perfect for kids.
Security Features. You are allowed to lock/unlock the target phone whenever you want. Delete photos, files or other stored information. It is very useful in case the phone is stolen.

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Features Added in Summer 2016

Skype and Viber Monitoring. Both these communication platforms are very popular. Now you can trace it as well.

Geo Fencing Feature

This feature is based on GPS tracking. For example, user can set up so called “safe” and “restricted” areas and then get notifications when the monitored person leaves the “safe” area.

Additional Control

The StealthGenie program has additional control features:
• User can disable the program remotely.
• User can stop or start the software remotely
• User can adjust the frequency of getting reports.
Owing to these features StealthGenie has gained popularity on the market. Some of the features in premium packages can be used not so often as features in the basic package. So consider it when buying the package.

How to Buy StealthGenie

Before buying any package make sure that you researched it properly and know everything about offered functions. Also, check the phone compatibility, because it is the main condition for the software to function. Check the phone model and operation system.
There is also difference in the term contracts. You may save money if to choose longer term contracts, for example for 12 or 6 months.


At the moment StealthGenie is the most optimal monitoring software for me. I can recommend it. Although every person should understand the major purpose for monitoring and find the program matching own needs.