What to Do After Jailbreaking and How to Remove the Cydia App Icon

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I receive many similar questions. This site is devoted to monitoring software applications,that is why there is nothing strange in such questions. After iPhone has been Jailbroken, there will be the Cydia App icon that should be removed.
I want to teach you how to get rid of that icon not removing the whole program. The phone owner will not guess that it has been Jailbroken. By the way, it is absolutely free!

Why Should You Hide Cydia?

cydia-icon-222x231In case your aim is to monitor iPhone or iPad, you will need to install special spy software, but the first step will be to Jailbreak the devise. I explained it in this article.
At once the iPhone has been Jailbroken, the Cydia app icon will appear at the home screen. Surely, you need to hide this icon somehow if you don’t want the fact of jailbreaking revealed.
When the software is not provided by Apple, it is stored in Cydia. Literarily, this is like a place for storage of various programs. At any moment you can delete the application from Cydia.
I have mentioned it in this article.

Brief Instruction for Removing Cydia App Icon

Brief Instruction for Removing Cydia App Icon
First of all open Cydia and find “SBSettings” program. Fortunately, you can install this software not at no cost. Our primary purpose is to mask the app icons using “SBSettings” program.
When you are ready with it enter SBSettings and click “settings” – “more” – “hide icons”. Then you will see a list with all icons. Also, there will be an option to choose ON or OFF near those icons.
Look through the list and choose OFF next to the Cydia icon. The option “OFF” will hide the icon. Furthermore, you can remove the SBSettings app icon, just in case.
That is all. The application will stay installed on the device, but the Cydia icon will be deleted. The Cydia icon is the main sign that somebody is jailbreaking the phone that is why it is important to get rid of it quickly.
I have tried various methods to remove the Cydia icon, but this one is the most effective. Well, now you can try it!

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Brief Instruction to “Unhide” the Cydia and SB Settings

iPhone-5S-cydiaIf you have Cydia and SB Settings icons hidden, you should know the way to return them back.
It’s also will be simply to do. Use the status bar and move it to the left or right to achieve the default activation. Then click “more” and “hide icons”. From that step you can show or hide icons.
Would you like to know how to Jailbreak the Apple device? I’ve posted the detailed instruction in this article.
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