Why Parents May Need Phone Monitoring Program

I would like to discuss the possibility for parents to control their children through the phone monitoring software. You will find the description of useful functions in this article. Also I’ll mention the monitoring applications that are worth buying.
Many children and teenagers today can not imagine their life and past time without smartphones. Almost always kids browse the internet from their phones. That is to say, 10 years old boy or girl can open the internet browser and find everything any information. Parents may only guess what their kid is doing in the internet. Modern smartphones are like the home computers, but it is difficult to control what is going on there. Fortunately, parents can use programs for monitoring smartphones of their kids remotely.
I’ll discuss in details and compare parental control features offered by StealthGenie and Mobile Spy. Also you will know what monitoring functions to consider depending upon the child’s age.

Parental Control Options From Service Provider

D3DD7FCD41Usually popular service providers offer so called parental control options. Sometimes it is absolutely free and in some cases parents should pay for the service. Using those options, parents can control how their children use the phone. However, the main purpose of such controlling is minimizing chances of unwanted phone bills.
Sometimes service providers offer web blocking function that restricts access to unwanted sites. As a rule, parents have to pay every month for such additional functions.
I’m sure that you can search for articles about parental control features from popular operators like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. By the way, there is a good post on this site Onlinemom.com
Surely, parental control functions offered by service providers are limited. Some parents may be satisfied with the limited phone controlling functions, but other parents may want to have more possibilities to control their kids.

How to Control Children with Mainstream Apps

Mainstream applications are programs of the leading spy software manufacturers that allow controlling the kid’s phones. One main thing that stands them out among other similar programs is that they are visible. For example, Text Guard or My Mobile Watchdog are applications of this type, but still their functions are also useful. One big drawback is that the child will know that parents are monitoring phone.
Sometimes parents can not explain children why they need to install spy software on their phones. It may cause conflicts, especially with teenagers. Moreover modern kids are very smart and they will use other methods to be out of the parents’ control.

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Advantages from Spy Monitoring Applications for Parents

6a0120a721c2d7970b01b7c7d9a52e970b-800wiThe leading providers of spy programs have chosen another concept instead of spying on spouses, ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends. They focused on developing monitoring software products for another target audience. Now these programs are mainly developed for parents and business owners who would like to monitor children/employees.
Comparing to mainstream apps, these monitoring programs are absolutely hidden on the target device. Children will never know about the fact of monitoring. Agree that this is a huge benefit. You can continue monitoring the child’s phone and don’t worry.
Furthermore, in most developed countries such monitoring practice is totally legal, if surely, you want to apply it to own kids. If to speak about ethical site of the issue, I can say that parents can minimize stressful situations when they children are in safety.
I have prepared description of the top monitoring programs. Let’s find out how parents can use it.

Features for Parents: StealthGenie vs Mobile Spy

Providers of these programs pay attention to release of functions for kids cell phones monitoring. They have main features, for instance – call logs, SMS and emails monitoring, GPS location finding, so on. Recently they have added new functions for monitoring WhatsApp messenger and other favorite platforms of kids. What is the difference between these programs?

Mobile Spy Features for Parents

Mobile Spy offers the following control features for parents.
Remote access to locking/unlocking the phone. Parents can perform these actions from their online Control Panel. Blocking of Applications. Parents block some programs on the child’s phone. In other words, the child won’t be able to open Facebook page, view YouTube videos or even use the internet. It is also manageable from the Control Panel.
Check all downloaded programs. Parents will see from their Control Panel all software applications, installed by kids.
Social networks monitoring. This program can show the child’s activity in popular social networks. So, parents can easily get information about all communication in WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.
Well, I think that every parent will find these features useful. Thus, they can protect children from bad sites or negative influence in social networks.

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StealthGenie Features for Parents

StealthGenie has these features for monitoring kids:
Viewing of installed programs. Parents can detect and view any installed program on the target phone. Though, blocking is not available yet.
Getting alert notifications. It is possible to use StealthGenie for getting alert notifications every time when your child opens forbidden site or for example receives calls from unwanted phone numbers.
Remote Phone Locking. This is also helps people control children remotely.
On top of that StealthGenie has Call Recording function and it can act as a bug, recording the phone surrounding. But it’s up to you whether to use such advanced functions or not.
In general both described applications are well-developed products. All parents’ needs are considered. It’s obviously that these special programs are much better than mainstream apps.
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