Why You May Need Phone Spy Software and Everything About It

Let’s begin with the definition of spy software. So, phone spy software is a type of program that helps to monitor any actions performed on somebody’s phone. You may meet various phrases for this term, like spy phone software, cell phone monitoring application and so on. But the meaning stays the same
I’m sure that many people have heard about it but know realize where to use it. Indeed such monitoring programs have a huge capability. After the software installation, a person may get a plenty of recorded data.
Another good news is that these software products are absolutely legal. I have highlighted the issue of legality in this post.
You can find the term “spy software” but it is better to use the term “monitoring software”. It sounds better. When the software manufacturers released the first products the marketing departments had created the advertising slogans, something like this “spy on your EX” or catch a cheating spouse,spy”. Fortunately the serious companies decided not to stop and focused on developing the software for monitoring employees in big corporations or children.

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What Can It Monitor?

Remote-cell-phone-spy-software-free-downloadModern phone monitoring programs are capable to trace all main activities on the target phone. However, you should remember that such programs can functions only on smartphones. The main reason for it is the Internet connection. Monitoring programs won’t work without it. That is why the old model of cell phones without internet access is impossible for monitoring.
Another moment to consider is the phone compatibility. The point is that there are different downloads for the various OS. Find out more information about compatibility in my other articles.
Currently, users can monitor iPad and Android in addition to cell phones. These devices have the same monitoring principle as for the cell phones.
In general, you will find these features in most of spy software applications:

  • Text messages monitoring. You will be able to read all sent/received SMS. Also, you can trace the date and time.
  • GPS Location Tracking. It implies that the software application will show you the exact location of the target phone in real time. It is depicted on the map.
  • Reading of emails. The program will extract data about inbox/sent emails. You will be able to review the date, time and content.
  • Browsing history. You will get the list of all visited websites from the target phone.
  • Info about call logs. Tracking of outgoing and received calls from the phone. The call logs info includes call duration, number, date, time.
  • Access to files from the target phone. Any content and personal files will be visible to you, for example calendars, photos, videos, pictures, contacts, etc.

cell-phone-bugging-devices1The above mentioned features present in nearly all basic packages with monitoring software. The packages with advanced features will cost more.
Top software manufacturers are competing for every customer and naturally, they want to cover all aspects of monitoring. New updated packages include advanced features. I wrote reviews about StealthGenie, Mobile Spy and mSpy. I hope that you can find more information about the advanced features there.
What to Expect from Advanced Features:

  • Social platforms monitoring – many programs can monitor any activity in main social networks, like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Installed applications monitoring – this function will show all downloaded programs. Moreover, you can forbid access to those applications. It is perfect for monitoring kids.
  • Recording of the phone surrounding – it will mean that you can activate the phone microphone and hear what is going on at the background. It works like a bug.
  • Call recording function – you will be able to listen all phone conversation, because the calls on the target phone are recorded.
  • Remote controlling – you will have a power to control the target phone to certain extent. For instance, you can lock or unlock phone at any moment, stop or delete the monitoring software, remove all files from the target phone, etc.
  • Message services monitoring – if owner of the target phone uses iMessage, WhatsApp, BB Messenger or Viber, you will be able to read all text messages there.
  • Alerts and triggers – this function is the ability to choose any words or phone numbers and mark them. You will get the alert when those words or numbers are flagged up. Just one more great feature for controlling children.

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I reviewed the popular features that are usually offered in premium packages. Actually the market of monitoring applications is very changeable and new features are often added. Main software companies compete and suggest even better features. Due to regular updates and release of new features it is getting hard to define the best software provider.
I informed you about general principles of monitoring applications. Now you may continue the research by your own, because there is a plenty of interesting things about spy programs.
Now you know a little about cell phone spy software and what it can do – it’s time to dig a little deeper.
Look at my full guide about spy monitoring programs.
Good Luck!