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If you are looking for StealthGenie review written by someone who has really used this software, you made a right choice. You can find a lot of reviews about spy programs on the web, but unfortunately, many of them are written by people who have never tried any mobile spy software. If you want to receive a full picture and need to read an honest opinion, spend a little time and read my review till the end.

Not a Regular Review

I will not give you a regular review like “this software is good”, “you can buy it here”, etc. I will try to provide an in-depth analysis of this software, trying to figure out its strengths and weaknesses. Basing on this information, you will be able to make your own conclusion and decide whether StealthGenie can satisfy your monitoring needs or you should for something else.

My Experience with StealthGenie

I started using spy software about two years ago. I installed many of them and I was really disappointed because they were very bad. Then, I found StealthGenie. This software was not perfect, but it could satisfy my basic needs in monitoring. They have significantly improved the program since then and today I installed it again. I did it to check a spy program on my own device and see how it works for myself. I believe that it is not right to write about the product if you haven’t tried it.

Does StealthGenie Really Work?

Yes, it is totally great! It is not one of those spy software which doesn’t work. If you have already tried one of that useless software, don’t worry, StealthGenie will not disappoint you. Just make sure that your targeted device is compatible with a program and you have Internet connection.

Why should you trust them?

When you chose a company which provides spy software, you usually pay for a term contract. However, you should ask yourself – will the company still be in the market in 3, 6 or 12 months and can it provide updates in the future?

StealthGenie is a leader in the market and during the last two years they have significantly improved their service. They provide regular updates for new OS and cell phones. They also offer new features and are always the first to provide new solutions in the market. In fact all other companies are playing catch up and trying not to fall behind.

StealthGenie is not the cheapest company, but it is not one of the most expensive. The company offers reasonable price for the advanced features that you receive.

Phone Compatibility

Remember, your device should be compatible with StealthGenie to ensure a proper operation of the program. Here is the list of phones supported by StealthGenie.
– Apple devices – up to version 7.1.2
– Android devices – up to version 4.4
– BlackBerry devices – up to version 7.2
StealthGenie has made another big step forward. Now you can install monitoring software on Android Tablets and iPads. That’s really an important update!

Main Monitoring Features

StealthGenie Reviews

The majority of spy programs offer almost the same monitoring functions such as monitoring sms text, call logs, browser history, data management and GPS tracking. They are considered to be the basic functions and for many people it would be more than enough.

StealthGenie offers few extra functions which are not available in other companies’ products.

Recording Calls

It is probably one of the biggest advantages. If you need call recording, StealthGenie has this feature in store for you. Remember, you need good quality connection between phones to receive quality record. You may store it on your PC or other device you want.

Monitoring Messenger Services

Now you can monitor WhatsApp and other similar services.

Gmail Control

You receive an opportunity to monitor Gmail account and other Gmail based accounts.

Trigger Words

You can set certain trigger words and once they appear during communication you will receive an alert. A very useful feature for parents who want to avoid their children from unwanted communication.

Security Abilities

Security features allow you receive partial control over a targeted phone. You can lock and unlock it remotely if you lose a phone. You can also delete data which is a very useful option for business phones.

New Features

In 2016 the company added two more new features. Now you have an opportunity to monitor Viber and Skype.

Geo Fencing

Another useful feature from SG is Geo Fencing. You may set restricted and safe zones. Once a phone leaves a safe zone or enters a restricted one, you receive an alert. These are very useful functions for parents who want to be sure that their children are in the right place.

Additional Features

StealthGenie offers some extra functions which are usually unavailable from other companies.
– You can set the frequency of reports.
– You can choose which data to monitor.
– You can control the program remotely.
– You can delete software remotely.
These features just give you a little more abilities. There is no need to purchase the advanced package if you don’t really need these functions.

Some Tips Before You Make a Purchase

Before making a purchase check which features are available for a target mobile phone. Not all features are available on all platforms and those which are, may differ from each other. Visit a company’s website, select a phone platform you need and read carefully the list of features. There you will also find information about package prices. Take your time and make sure that all features you need are covered by a chosen package. You may buy a short term package if you don’t want to pay much for the first time. But with the longer term package, you will pay less in the long run. 3 month term starts at 60 dollars.

Is it the Best?

It always depends on what you need. If you need only basic features then you may find cheaper solutions. If you require some advanced functions then StealthGenie is just what you need.
You may check their website for demo account to see how online control panel works. Don’t make a rapid decision and check all information twice before making a purchase.

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