Cell Phone Monitoring Software and How It Works

Here I will explain how phone monitoring software applications operate. Person, who is going to monitor should understand the general principles of spy programs. Knowing this information, it will be easy to resolve any technical problems or set up the program properly. I promise I won’t focus on technical details, just a brief overview.
Phone monitoring programs are developed according to common principle, it means the process of operation is very similar. Perhaps, the difference may be in set up and reporting functions.

The Main Principle


Always people begin with comparing offered monitoring software programs and checking their compatibility. Then it will be the process of buying and downloading the program. There is anything complex in it, just follow the given instruction step by step. The monitoring program is installed on the target phone.
It is impossible to install he program, not having access to the target phone. Only direct installation!
Also be prepared that there may be a password on the target phone, so think about ways to open it.
As soon as the installation is over, the system scans and records all actions on the target phone. You get this information on the dashboard. Usually the received information is called as data logs. Surely, number of available monitoring functions depends on the purchased package.
Then the program sends the data logs to the web server using the internet connection. The web server is based on the company’s official site. As you understand, you will not do without good internet connection. You have access to the gathered information in the dashboard.
When you download the program, you are usually asked to create a new account for the online dashboard. At any moment when you want to review the data logs, enter your password and username and see the dashboard reports. I added the screenshot of how StealthGenie dashboard looks like.
Dashboard is a properly protected place, where all company’s clients can review the results of monitoring. Access to that place is possible from any browser, from any device and from any location in the world.
The data logs are protected and you can enter own dashboard only using the password and username.

About Online Dashboard

Dashboard is a place where all data logs are gathered. From the dashboard you can choose the settings according to own preferences. After the installation is completed user is able to monitor performed activities on the target phone from the dashboard control panel. Everything is monitored remotely.
In the dashboard you may have different functions, which surely depend on the selected package and program.

  • It is possible to download information about data logs, videos, photos to the computer.
  • From the dashboard you can lock or unlock the phone, keep recording the information. Also, it is possible to remove the spy software from the phone at any time.
  • Adjust the account settings and control payment.

On the whole, it is easy to manage information in the dashboard. It is obviously, that the process behind it is more advanced. It is more reasonable to focus on internet access and software compatibility, because without both these things you won’t be able to monitor.

About Software Compatibility

Main condition for the spy software to function properly is its compatibility with the target device and OS. It is important to realize that Apple gadgets should be Jailbroken. If you consider buying premium package with advanced functions for Android device, so be prepared to root it. I’ve already outlined it in these posts.

Internet Connection

In order to get regular monitoring results, it is important to provide the strong internet connection. Good internet connection and speed plays a huge role in the process. The program will fail to send the data logs to your online dashboard.
In other words, it is impossible to trace the activity of the target phone without good internet access. It may result in delays with the reports.
If you noticed that the monitoring software functions not properly, try to resolve these problems:

  • Mistake during installation
  • Compatibility issue
  • Poor Internet connection

Avoid these problems to achieve proper monitoring.
Now you are well informed as for the spy software basic principles.
Good Luck

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