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Overview of FlexiSpy Spy Software

Today it is absolutely normal to hear from people that they need a program to spy. However, I prefer to use the word “Monitor” instead of “Spy”. So, the situations may be diverse. For example, owner of a big company wants to monitor his employees or mother wants to control her 10 years old son. I know many software companies that develop quality products with multiple monitoring features. If you have never dealt with any monitoring software, it is better to read the reviews at first and then buy the program.
This time I would like to share my personal opinion with readers after testing FlexiSpy program. I test all programs and only then write the review, so all my reviews are real. I want to note that this is an independent FlexiSpy review, based on my experience. I’ll highlight its advantages and disadvantages. I hope that my review will help you to decide whether this program is really worth of buying or not. Also, you can always follow this link http://www.flexispy.com/ and visit FlexiSpy website.

Main Logging and Reporting Features:

Let’s begin with overview of reporting and logging features. This software offers many features to achieve complete monitoring. Some of the features are advanced and unique. Similar to other spy phone applications FlexiSpy tracks information about all calls, text messages and emails. Users can record the calls or intercept them at any moment remotely. It covers major chat platforms like BlackBerry Messages and WhatsApp. Recently the company has added a Password cracker feature. Along with that users can listen to the cell phone’s surrounding. The application allows taking photos via the cell phone’s camera.
I have listed just some of their reporting features. They are good, but I would say that they can be a bit complicated for a beginner. I consider that beginners should choose something simpler. Just one hint – people never use the majority of advanced features!

GPS Location capabilities:

This is a good function that allows checking location of employees or children. If to compare FlexiSpy with other programs, I was lacking of GEO fencing function. It is a type of feature that sends alerts when a monitored person enters forbidden area.

Blocking Capability Overview:

In spite of multiple functions offered by FlexiSpy, I could not find the function for blocking contacts or numbers.

Dashboard Overview:

Recently the company released an updated online dashboard, however they call it as Control Panel. From the Control Panel you will analyze the reports. It looks good, but I’ll repeat again, it can be too complicated for people who have never tried it.

Level of Customer Support:

Many companies that sell any products try to offer a high level of customer support. When I was downloading the application, I had some technical problems and I wanted to get fast and professional assistance. Maybe the company’s customer support representatives were busy at that time, but I had to wait some time before I received any response.

Trial Period:

The company implemented a 10-day free trial period. This is good news for people who may hesitate. At the end of this period people are offered to buy the package.


There are 2 packages on the official website – Premium and Extreme. In a Premium package you will find all basic features but for more thorough monitoring the company created Extreme package. Price for the Premium package starts from $68 and goes up to $149 depending on the contract terms. The Extreme package will cost $199 for 3 months and $349 for one year period.

Some Positive Features:

I liked their live call interception function. Not all monitoring software providers are able to offer this feature today. Also I liked that the program can operate on phones with popular Operation Systems, like Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, Android.

Some Negative Features:

I tested al features and I consider that some of them should be improved. Thus, FlexiSpy fails to block numbers. The software can not delete any information from the target phone. Don’t expect to monitor activity on Instagram, Twitter or Face Time, because FlexiSpy can not support these platforms. Children adore using Twitter and Instagram, but with FlexiSpy you won’t control usage of these social networks.
Finally, FlexiSpy is expensive. Surely, they have a big set of features, but I can tell you from my personal experience that usually basic features are enough for monitoring.
One important thing that I can not skip is that FlexiSpy works only on jailbroken Apple devices and rooted Android devices. This will be a huge problem for beginners; therefore I won’t advise this product for people who don’t know how to root Android or jailbreak iPhone.

List of Supported Phones:

I give a full list of supported phones below. However, don’t hope to use FlexiSpy on iPhone that is not jailbroken or Android that is not rooted. It simply won’t work.
– Android
– iPhone
– Windows Mobile
– BlackBerry
– Symbian

The Bottom Line:

When looking for a quality phone monitoring program people want to find reviews or comments from real users. It’s getting hard to make any decision when there are both positive and negative reviews about the software product. That is why I always advise to make a deep research in the Internet and compare offered features.
Monitoring software applications became popular when people understood that it is convenient to control children or for example, employees in the office. The choice of the monitoring software depends on many factors and includes the person’s needs.
FlexiSpy aims to be the leading provider on the market and they offer many features. But what does it mean for users? First of all it results in a high price. Yes, FlexiSpy is expensive. If you are certain that you need all their monitoring features, you can buy this soft. However, if you don’t want to pay for extra features, find alternative applications, which will cost much cheaper.
If you liked my FlexiSpy review, I invite you to enter other pages at this website and read about various phone spy applications.

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