Main Steps to Install Phone Monitoring Software

If you have never tried to install the cell phone spy software, this article is right for you. Sometimes people neglect this process and the program functions not properly. Installations should be made according to the basic instruction, otherwise the program won’t operate. Let’s review this instruction now.
I will give one general advise for all beginners – don’t rush the things and install the application properly. I know many people who wanted to install the program faster and as the result they encountered certain technical problems when using the product. Usually the installation takes a few minutes, but the beginner may need more time to complete the installation successfully.

Not All Programs Are the Same

The installation process is simplified, so that any person even not having technical skills can do perform it.
The majority of programs have similar principle of installation, however the steps may differ. The steps for installation can not be universal and vary from one software product to another. I want to give the basic recommendations, but remember that you must follow every point of your instruction.

Get Prepared

Actually, I have outlined important information for beginners in my complete guide about monitoring applications. I explained there how to select the software product wisely and how to check its compatibility. Also, there may be difference in packages. For example, you will fail to install iPhone spy software on Android phone. This information should be researched better if you are going to acquire the monitoring software.
The iPhone should be Jailbroken if you would like to monitor it.
Always start with reading the original installation instruction and various informative articles. For example, providers of Mobile Spy, StealthGenie and mSpy explain the installation process on official sites. Flexispy installation is also explained to details.
Check the internet connection and open your email account before the installation. Certainly, it is better to do from computer.
Spend some time and read the instruction, it is important!

How to Install the Monitoring Soft


Keep in your mind that the order of steps may vary, but in general the installation process occurs in this consequence.
You pay for the chosen monitoring program and purchase it from the official website, using your email.
Some providers of spy software may ask you to create an account on their website at this stage. It is necessary to have access to the Dashboard in future. If it was not asked, maybe you will need to do it at another stage. It does not matter when to perform it, just create a strong password and remember your account information.
Usually, right after purchasing you get the emails. It can be an email confirming the purchase or an email with the link for downloading. In one of those emails you can find explanation of the installation process and some other nuances.
Read the instruction thoroughly – it is simple, but you must complete every step. Some programs require to paste the download link in a web browser of the target phone. Make it carefully and the downloading process will be started.
When the downloading process is over you will need to type the activation code. Usually it is in your email, received before. Type that activation code in the target phone.
Later you may be asked to restart the target phone in order to finish the installation.
One more hint… After that you can delete history in the browser. It is better to do to remove the download link on the target phone. Surely, you can skip this step but this will minimize any suspicion.
Settings Configuration. Usually the program stetting can be selected on the online dashboard after installation. But in some cases the program setting can be customized in the process of installation.
This is all and you can use the soft. I one of my articles I have described how the monitoring programs work. The company server receives the reports through the internet and then you can enter the dashboard and review all the information. For some programs you will have to wait 30 minutes before getting reports.
When everything is ready, make a simple test. Make a call or send message to target phone and then check the results from your dashboard. If everything works well, you have installed the application correctly.

How To Use Online Dashboard


Wait 30 minutes after the installation and then open your dashboard. As a rule online dashboard is on the official website and you can find it following “log in” link. If you use Stealthgenie, it is named as “My Genie”. Fill in the account details and open the reporting page.
Save the account information somewhere not to lose it. I usually save the email with the account details.
Online dashboards are easy to use. Moreover, many programs have similar dashboards. Surely, certain options may differ slightly.
You can track all the reports. Have you sent the test emails? Find report about them on the dashboard. Make sure that the program works properly and monitors as it was promised by the provider. Look how to check downloaded files or GPS location.
Play with the dashboard and I’m sure you will discover many useful functions for yourself. Also, some companies suggest watching the Demo video before using online dashboard.
The dashboard allows to monitor all activities on the target phone, so this is your main tool for proper monitoring.
If you don’t want to monitor anymore, simply delete the program from the dashboard. Manage any tasks through online dashboard, set up billing, and review the plan status and so on.
All programs have general installation principle, perhaps some details may vary. If you follow the installation instruction, you won’t miss any step. I have showed you just basic steps to do when installing any program. Read the installation instruction that you have and complete every step.
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Good Luck!

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