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PhoneSheriff Investigator Without Jailbreak

In this post I’ll make a review of PhoneSheriff Investigator, released by developers of Mobile Spy. This program was tested by me personally and I’m going to share some things with you.

Important November 2016 Update About PhoneSheriff Investigator Withdrawal

Phonesheriff is product of company, released Mobile Spy software. However, the program is no active anymore, because it was withdrawn.
Fortunately, I have good news for you. mSpy developed a very similar application that will be available with the standard monitoring program. It operates in the same way as PhoneSheriff Investigator. You only should have the Apple ID of the cell phone that will be monitored. Everything is simple and Jailbreaking is not required. Find here my review about mSpy.
When reading this post don’t forget that this is the overview of PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition. Don’t confuse it with their regular product, called PhoneSheriff – a prototype of MobileSpy application. PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition operates according to another principle and I’ll explain it below.
This is a link to their site.

About PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition

This is a special computer application, made for monitoring only Apple gadgets. You need to install this program on own computer. The best advantage is that you will be capable to monitor Apple gadgets not jailbreaking them. Well, this is a good breakthrough on the market of monitoring software applications, because it was impossible previously without jailbreaking. It is ideal for monitoring children’s gadgets.
Perhaps, you should understand that this program can not be installed on the cell phone, only on PC and laptop supporting Windows. The Apple iCloud service is used for monitoring the target phone. It is necessary to have only Apple ID and Password. I’ll repeat again – you will do without the jailbreak.

Basic Requirements

The software will not monitor any other device except of Apple. After purchasing the licensed product it can be installed only one computer, but it is possible to monitor several Apple gadgets. Perfect when you need to monitor family members or employees.
• Apple gadgets only (iOS from 5.x and others)
• Apple ID and password are needed
• It is important to back up the devise through Apple Cloud storage service. It is free to use and easy to do knowing Apple ID
• All types of Internet connection
• User’s computer or laptop should have Windows Vista, 7 or 8. Note that it won’t work on XP.
Users buy this software as a single lifetime license. It implies that any monthly payments are needed, only a onetime fee.

What You Can Monitor

I give a full list of monitoring possibilities:
• Call History. Logs of the calls are recorded.
• Photos. Access to photos in the target phone.
• Notes. Review of all saved notes.
• Text Messages. Inbox, sent and read text messages are available for tracking.
• GPS Locations. Last backups location is showed, but not in real time.
• iMessages. Access to messages via iMessage service.
• Account Details. Account details monitoring.
• Contacts. Access to the contact book.
• Safari Bookmarks. Web browsing history is not recorded.
Considering the fact that PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition works not as usual cell phone spy software, it has fewer features. I can not compare it with the multiple funtions of Mobile Spy and Flexispy. However, it is the best way out if you want to avoid Jailbreaking. At anyway, it is a good alternative, when other applications can not be used.

PhoneSheriff Review

How to Use PhoneSheriff Investigator

Anyone can begin using this program even not having technical background.
1. Use I Cloud and sign up the device
2. Install PhoneSheriff Investigator on the computer or laptop
3. Then use the Apple ID and password for signing in
4. Get access to the information and logs from your computer.
The software application needs iCloud for synchronization with the device. It is free and fast to register there. A lot of Apple owners have iCloud account, so you just need to know the Apple ID and password. Otherwise, you can create a new account from the target device with the owner’s permission. In this case, people will know that their device is monitored. The synchronization will happen every day or when the device is working through WI-FI.
To put it briefly, PhoneSheriff Investigator extracts information from the iCloud and then you can review the data on your computer. PhoneSheriff Investigator is not connected directly to the devise, it uses only backup info.
However, updating of the information is limited to certain extant, because it depends on synchronization. Ne more disadvantage is the necessity of the Apple ID and password, therefore the application is good if you know the account info. Usually the application is used by families and big corporations.

My Conclusion

I liked how this devise operates. The company gained reputation on the market of monitoring software and many clients trust it. The program would help parents to control and monitor their children or business owners to monitor their employees. The best thing is that it is all possible without Jailbreaking. Surely, the application has some limitations, and it can not stand in one line with usual monitoring programs, that are installed on the target phone. Price for the product is $79 for a lifetime license. It is not difficult to use it, but remember that PhoneSheriff Investigator is not a regular cell phone spy software. The company offers also a trial period to try the program.


I’ve gathered main answers to questions about the program.
• Only for Apple gadgets
• No Jailbreak at all
• iCloud connection is needed (up to 5GB is free)
• Apple ID and password should be created
• Monitoring of multiple devices from one computer is free
• No third party will be involved. Only PC and target device, so ID’s and passwords are safe
• You pay once and forget about monthly/ yearly package upgrades
Good Luck!

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