Mobile Spy Review

Review of Old Reliable Mobile Spy Program

In this review I will explain why this mobile software is one of the most reliable spy programs. I will also discuss some new features and show you how they work.
I have installed all mobile spy programs that I made review about on my test phone. Now let’s see which of them is the best and is able to satisfy your monitoring needs.

Important Update!

I don’t recommend Mobile Spy anymore, it is better to use this soft Appmia. Now the app is not hidden any longer and the user knows about spy program on the phone. An icon appears on a phone and their legal terms prohibit them to hide it.
It started after they have stooped some of the monitoring features. The program has lost its effectiveness and it cannot offer cogent monitoring solutions anymore. If you need mobile monitoring program that can be hidden, find my reviews about FlexiSpy and mSpy. These programs still perform all functions as Mobile Spy did in the beginning.
Mobile Spy has turned into a useless program because its developers wanted to encourage legal use of this software. As a result, Mobile Spy lost its main feature which is essential for any spy program – it is not hidden. There have already been made a lot of requests for refunds which lead to losses of profitability for the program. Users don’t like spy software that cannot be hidden. You may check my comparison review about spy software if you search a program that remains hidden.

What you should know about Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is one of those apps which has kept the same name from the very beginning of its launching in 2003. Many scams change their names to get rid of bad reputation and turn over a new leaf.
Mobile Spy is located in Florida. Why should this fact be interesting for you? Well, scam companies try not to identify their location and as a rule they are based not in the United States, but somewhere in a small country, where local laws are more flexible for scam activity.

Another reason which proves that Mobile Spy is a trustworthy app is that they accept Pay Pal payment method. Scam companies don’t have such opportunities because they are usually banned by Pay Pal and they have to offer other methods of payment like strange and unknown broker sites. So, don’t use payment methods you don’t trust. Don’t lose your money!

Now evaluate their website.
Many scam websites look like trustworthy and reputable, but if you take a closer look you’ll see that there is something wrong with them. Here are some useful tips which help you to distinguish a good website from a scam one. A good website like Mobile Spy is well maintained, simple in navigation and has full contact information.
If you check Mobile Spy on Better Business Bureau, you’ll see that it has A+ rating. Besides, media mentions say that they have sold over 150,000 units. Sure, some information can be faked, but they cannot fake it all. You should gather as much information as possible before you buy software. Try to look for trustworthy signs of a good reputation.


Mobile Spy is available on many popular mobile platforms. You can use it on an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry. Here are the latest supported versions:
• iOS – v. 7.1.2
• Windows Mobile – v. 6.
• Android – v. 4.4.3
• BlackBerry – v. 7.1
• Symbian – v. 9.5

New Offer from Mobile Spy

Monitoring software programs include the list of basic features like monitoring sms texts, email, web browsing history, call logs as well as various phone files. In October 2016, Mobile Spy has changed things after the introduction of Version 7.0. The price have not been changed, but many advanced features were added to the basic package. Now the Basic Package is available in 3 contracts with different terms:
• 3 Months for only $49.97
• 6 Months for only $69.97
• 12 Months for only $99.97

The Premium Version is now also available in in 3 contracts with different terms:
• 3 Months for only $64.97
• 6 Months for only $89.97
• 12 Months for only $139.97

Advanced Package vs. Standard Package

The standard package includes the following features:
– Social networks monitoring.
– YouTube. View watch history.
– Gmail. Monitoring all Gmail accounts and email content.
– Apps. Receive information about all apps installed onto a cell phone.
– Distant controls. You can manage data on a cell phone, perform certain actions or even delete files.
– Dashboard information. You receive all information about OS information, last updated, battery strength and Wi-Fi control.
An advanced package includes live control panel features. It gives you an opportunity to take screenshot of a target device every 90 seconds. You also receive instant GPS map to see the location of a device at any time.
Not all features are available on all platforms. Check the full list of features that support a targeted phone.

More Benefits ?

One more advantage that Mobile Spy offers to its clients is an ability to monitor many devices from one dashboard. You will also receive a discount for multiple licenses. Besides, if you buy any 12 months package, you will receive a 1 year free subscription to Sniper Spy. It is a great monitoring software for PC and Mac – worth $80.

Is Mobile Spy what you want?

It depends on what you search. I always try to find the best software in my reviews, but there is not a single one that would be perfect. You should choose monitoring software which would satisfy all your needs. Its design might be not so slick and the program needs some extra features, but in general it is a good choice if it is your first experience with spy software.
The biggest disadvantage is that software is not hidden like mSpy, but Mobile Spy is cheaper and has some new features which still help them to be competitive in the market. It is now totally legal and is in compliance with the law. So, Mobile Spy is a perfect solution for business needs and children control.

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