WhatsApp Messages Monitoring With Spy Software Application

In this article I will explain how to use spy software and monitor such messenger as WhatsApp. Many people want to know how to track somebody’s chats in WhatsApp. I will help to find the best software for this purpose and say what phone types are compatible with it.

What is WhatsApp Messenger?

Today there are many opportunities for users to install special software on their device in order to receive and send quick messages in real time having the internet connection.
It is convenient, because people can chat for free, sending unlimited number of messages. However, the device should be connected to internet through WI-FI. Such messenger programs are popular among adults and kids. Everyone likes free messages.
To make it possible, both persons who are going to chat should install WhatsApp. First of all you need to download it from the official site, by the way it is free.
Then you are ready for sending messages to any device where this application is also installed. For example, you can send messages from phone to phone, computer to phone or vice versa. Also, people can chat in groups, so it is something like conference for chatting.

The Challenge?

Many people, who need to control children’s or employees’ device found it challenging to get access to WhatsApp messages. The point is that the majority of spy software applications allow tracking the text messages on the target phone, but it’s not working in case with WhatsApp. In other words, they differ from usual SMS text messages and can’t be monitored.
Kids and teens especially like WhatsApp, so parents realized that that part of online communication also should be controlled. The technology is very developing and any changes happen quickly. Parents want to keep pace with it.
Currently some good spy programs managed to get full access to the target device and WhatsApp is not an exception. However, sometimes it functions under certain circumstances.
Obviously you need to choose a spy software program which supports WhatsApp but your phone or Tablet must also meet certain conditions.

Some Details to Know

• It will work on Android and Apple devices
• All Android devices should be rooted at first (I wrote about it here)
• All Apple devices should be Jailbroken
• Spy software should be installed on the target device, note that it won’t work remotely.
• Currently, WhatsApp monitoring is not available on Symbian phones and BlackBerry.
I have listed the main points which you should know about the target phone to monitor WhatsApp text messages. Now, let’s discuss the spy software that can cope with the task.

What Spy Software to Choose

There are applications that can monitor WhatsApp messenger. Usually when people select the optimal spy software they consider all features not only monitoring of WhatsApp. Therefore, you have to review all offered features by provider and then make up your mind.
These links will direct you to the spy software reviews. All of them are able to monitor WhatsApp messenger as well.
• mSpy – can monitor messages in Facebook, Skype, Viber and iMessage
• Mobile Spy – I don’t advise this application, because it has lost its main feature. (It is not hidden now)
• FlexiSpy – can provide with information from popular social sites, like BBerry Messenger, Skype, Viber, BBerry Messenger.
Surely, there may be some other good applications, but I tested these 3 programs and I can advise them. Actually, the complete guide about these 3 applications I have posted here. They have a main set of monitoring features, so they are quite powerful. However, remember that they can differ and I offer you to read my comparison reviews before making any decision.
I tried to explain what to do to monitor WhatsApp Messenger. Also, I have other interesting articles, where I describe how to monitor Skype and Viber. Browse this site and discover many posts devoted to cell phone monitoring software.
Finally, don’t forget that for successful monitoring you need a good application that considers all aspects of developing technologies, as they are very changeable. If you children prefer WhatsApp for communication, you should have the possibility to monitor it.

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